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Helen Seward 3M Clay Mask 焗油 髮膜 250ml

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sebum-adsorbing hair mask, with Natural Clays and Bio-Complex. This is an
innovative intermediate cleansing treatment: thanks to the clays in the
formula, it purifies the scalp by natural absorption without stimulating
sebaceous secretion. It tones up by performing a sebum-balancing action and
leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness. It also produces an effective
soothing action, reducing itchiness.


Helen Seward

Helen Seward 3M Clay Mask 焗油 髮膜 250ml 共有 1 則評價

  1. Ben chan

    用完頭肉好乾淨、好清爽、感覺輕咗, 頭油分泌都少左


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